We provide professional services and as such ultimately we require an instruction for an agreed fee.  Prior to this however, we are happy to offer a Free High Level Review. Our process in summary is as follows:

  1. Preliminary fact find
  2. Tax savings projected and fee quoted
  3. Instruction to proceed
  4. Report preparation
  5. HMRC submission

Preliminary fact find

We require some basic information in order to carry out our free high level review:

  • Client tax rate
  • Property address
  • Purchase price
  • Purchase date
  • Type of property
  • Subsequent expenditure
  • Description of business

Any further information that can be supplied at this stage will increase the quality and accuracy of this review.

Tax savings projection

Approximate Tax savings are projected based on known information in the Preliminary Fact Find

  • Our bespoke fee is quoted; if you require our Fee Match Guarantee then we will also require this information
  • We calculate how the tax savings will be achieved by tax year
  • Assumptions we have made are clearly shown
  • We won’t take on cases that don’t create an immediate net benefit against our fees.  However, do note that Capital Allowances are designed to be long term tax savings.  They aren’t generally a get rich quick scheme (except where first year allowances are involved).

Instruction to proceed

In order to instruct us formally, we require the following:

  • Full fact find.  We will require a fully filled out application form together with supporting documentation. Terms and Conditions will need to be signed along with our instruction.
  • Survey fee deposit paid.  Unlike many of our competitors, we do charge a survey fee on instruction.  This is to cover the cost of our surveyor on your instruction.  It also means our percentage fee can be significantly more competitive.
  • Percentage fee agreed, which will be based on the net amount of additional Capital Allowances we actually identify.

We are happy to offer alternative fee structures to suit our clients best, we have experience in dealing with many fee structures historically, and feel we can be creative and innovative.

Capital Allowances Client Report preparation

The following steps are followed in preparing the Capital Allowances client report:

  • Survey is instructed and carried out
  • P&M (plant and machinery) analysis and valuation carried out
  • Land valuation undertaken (required for the Section 562 apportionment)
  • Claim history analysed, this typically involves Land Registry enquiries, correspondence with previous owners and/or their professional advisors, liaison with client’s current advisors
  • Accounts analysis, with client’s current accountants
  • Claim Report collated and issued to client
  • Invoice prepared

HMRC submission

The mechanism for the tax saving is via the client’s normal tax return, normally carried out by the client’s accountant.  The initial HMRC refund follows where open tax year’s return has been amended.  Subsequent/future tax offsetting is carried out in future tax years tax returns’.  The tax saving is typically therefore of a long term nature except when the Annual Investment Allowance is utilised.


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